Marco Buscaglia

Party at the Buscaglia house — June 21, 7 p.m.

Sorry about the late notice but Cathy and I were hoping to have everyone over on Friday, June 21, at around 7 p.m. Figure it's time for us to host another get-together for our extended St. Constance/Park 285 circle of friends, acquaintances and people we don't really like. It's only been 21 years since we invited you last but hey, who's counting?


We're doing Friday night because we assumed most weekends are pretty booked up with graduations parties, child visitations, flea markets, fishing, baseball games and whatever else you people do with your lives. We still live near Canfield and Foster so you may have to think creatively to avoid traffic, depending on where you're coming from. If you're working downtown or nearby and want to kill time after work instead of heading home, feel free to come by early. To avoid awkward one-on-one conversation, we can put you in the garage until other people show up. 

Our address is 7735 W. Summerdale Ave., Chicago. If you’re driving, you can take 90 to the Cumberland, Canfield or Harlem exits. Just go toward John Wayne Gacy’s house and head a few blocks east. Look for a really nice, big, red-brick house on the north side of the 7700 block of Summerdale … we’re across the street, on the south side of the block, about two houses down. White picket fence, house at the back of the lot, tiny garage, heated arguments coming from inside the house—can’t miss it. We live about a mile from the blue line stop at Harlem and about 2 miles from the Edison Park Metra stop. I can pick you up from either place if you’re coming from work or various points in the area via public transportation.

We will have beer, wine, pizza and all the Styx and Journey your ears can take. Although we'll get started around 7, show up as late as you want and feel free to stay as long as you want. It’s the summer solstice, the longest day of the year so you have at least an extra minute of daylight to show up. If you usually do some sort of nude pagan dance wearing only a wreath of flowers in your hair to celebrate the summer solstice, you’re more than welcome to do it in our yard, especially if your name is Brent Makuh.

It really would be great to see everyone at least once before Cathy and I decide to invite you over again in 2040. You can RSVP at or text me at 773-720-5049. Or you can respond below. Cathy’s email is And no, it’s not 1998—that’s her actual email address.

I’ve been emailing people, messaging them on Facebook and sending texts if I have their numbers but I know I’m missing several people. We'd love to see everyone.

Hope to see you soon,
Marco and Cathy

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