Marco Buscaglia

Essays & observations

Essays, observations, rants and ramblings

The site's subtitle is "The narcissistic, underdeveloped and overwritten beats of Marco Buscaglia," which I change at least once a month. Essentially, this is where I post things. Or blog. Or write stuff. Whatever you want to call it. Check it out at


Today in Marco Buscaglia History

Like a really cool daily desk calendar - a collection of events that may or may not have happened. 



Essays & Observations

The blog part of the blog, where I spend a little bit of time putting my thoughts together before typing them in. 


Inclinations & Aversions

Basically the "likes" and "dislikes" portion of the site – things that generate an opinion – positive or negative - based on what I'm watching, reading, eating, listening to, loving, hating, etc.